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Prayer Tower


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Open daily during daylight hours
A Place of Meditation
Prayer Box: The prayer list’s are collected weekly.

Betty Motsinger

I was asked to design a little, intimate prayer place.

I went into the smallest room in the house and sat on the floor. It seemed that the place of prayer should be round, with participants facing one another rather than in formal rows. Also, the windows should be high up so that they would not look out on the world, but at the treetops, the clouds and the sky. It would be like a jug, a stockade made of upright timbers, a silo or a stone tower. These all had meanings such as the “wine of life,” projection or provision! WOW!

Then I thought of Proverbs 18:10 :

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it and is safe.”

So I planned a tower.

There must be a little entrance vestibule so people could lay down their burdens, with shelves on one side. On the other side would be coat hooks so they could take off their wrappings. Then they would find themselves in the arms of Jesus. The arms would come from the backs of the seats, so that we could lean into them. But isn’t there some requirement before we are received by him? Yes. We must receive the message of the cross. I would put a cross on the door through which we enter into His presence,

The altar would be on the north and the entrance on the south. Above the shoulders to which the arms are attached there must a round window representing the “Sun of Righteousness,” as Malachi calls Him.

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Prayer Tower

Prayer Tower “It seemed that the place of prayer should be round.” -Betty Motsinger

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