Galax Glade & Burch Burrow



About Galax Glade Hut

These huts costs: $80.00 /day.
Cozy Double Bed 1 room facility

  • Fully equipped kitchenette.
  • Accommodates 2 persons.
  • Nestled in the woods.


A shady grove for weary souls to recharge.

What better way to melt away the material obsessions and anxieties of modern existence than to find a sweet, rustic cabin in the woods to rest in? These 2 adorable, rough-hewn bungalows, nestled away in a grove of galax and shady birches, accommodate 2 people each and contain fully equipped kitchenettes. Watch the butterflies collect their nectar from the sticky laurel flowers lacing the little porch. Listen to the sounds of the stream flowing nearby as you sip your coffee on the wooden steps, and quietly remember what you are here in this life to do for yourself and others.

These modest, yet soulful cottages are located just off the trail from Laurel Lodge to the dining hall. The winding, mountainous Red Trail head begins close-by and offers panoramic views of the Black Mountain range.

  • Fully equipped kitchenette.
  • Accommodates 2 persons.
  • Nestled in the woods.


A Closer Look



Prayer Tower

Prayer Tower “It seemed that the place of prayer should be round.” -Betty Motsinger

Baptismal Pool

Baptismal PoolCome experience baptismal by spring water immersion.


Perfect for a wedding, concert, or worship service.

Red Barn

Red Barn
This Appalachian charm is ideal for weddings, reunions, and parties.

High Pastures

High Pastures
290 Kings Highway
Burnsville, North Carolina 28714

tel: (828)682-3138
fax: (828)682-7386

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