Baptismal Pool

Baptismal Pool

Water from a natural spring

The Baptismal Pool is a special part of High Pastures. The glistening, 4 foot-deep mountain pool is spring-fed and made of rock, with steps that lead down to the water. Surrounding the pool are benches for baptism gatherings. Many baptisms take place in these cold waters, and those who are baptized here carry with them the memories of a sacred place and time.

Where do your sins go from here?

“Your sins are buried in the waters of High Pastures. From there, they continue flowing with the High Pastures stream and George’s Fork into Little Crabtree Creek. Next, they find themselves in the South Toe River and on into North Toe River and Nolichucky. Here is where the French Broad River picks them up and carries them into the Tennessee River and later into the Ohio River. After the Ohio River has them, they are dumped into the Mississippi River and leave this land. But they are not far enough yet. The Mississippi leaves them in the Gulf of Mexico, from which they are conveyed to the Yucatan Basin and the Atlantic Ocean. The Bible says your sins are cast into the depths of the sea and remembered no more. (Micah) 7:19 Therefore, they will end up in the Bermuda Triangle because it is the deepest part of the ocean. So now you know where your sins have gone when they left you.“

A Closer Look


Prayer Tower

Prayer Tower “It seemed that the place of prayer should be round.” -Betty Motsinger

Baptismal Pool

Baptismal PoolCome experience baptismal by spring water immersion.


Perfect for a wedding, concert, or worship service.

Red Barn

Red Barn
This Appalachian charm is ideal for weddings, reunions, and parties.

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