Hiking Trails

Hiking Trail Burnsville NCRED TRAIL
– 1 (one) mile; difficult

The trail head is located next to Galax Glade across from the Main Office and ascends up out of the valley where the main grounds are located.  The first half of the trail curves up through an area that was logged four years ago.  There is a lot of new growth and it crosses a few small creeks.  The trail intersects a large logging road where you enter an older growth forest that includes oak, hickory, yellow poplar, dogwood, rhododendron and mountain laurel. It then climbs up to the crest through several switchbacks.  The Red Trail ends at the crest where it joins the Yellow Trail and Lookout Trail. The Red and Yellow Trails combined create a 2.1 (two and one tenth) miles loop back to the main grounds.


Hiking Trail Burnsville NCYELLOW TRAIL 1.1 (one and one tenth) miles; difficult

The trail head is located just above Poplar Place and includes a small parking area.  The Yellow Trail is the oldest, most established on the property.  It crosses the largest creek on the property and then ascends up .4 (four tenths) mile where it intersects and follows a large logging road for .01 (one hundredth) mile then turns right, leaving the logging road and ascends straight up the ridge.  The trail is located in a mixed hardwood forest and includes oak, hickory, yellow poplar, dogwood, cherry, rhododendron and mountain laurel.  At the crest of the ridge the trail veers to the left following the ridge line; passes a 100 (one hundred) year-old gravesite that is maintained by the Honeycutt family and ends at the intersection of the Red and Lookout Trails.  The Yellow and Red Trails combined are a 2.1 (two and one tenth) miles loop back to the main grounds.


Hiking Trail Burnsville NCLOOKOUT TRAIL (.2) two tenths) mile, easy

The trail head is located at the end of the Yellow and Red Trails at the top of the ridge above High Pastures grounds.  It is fairly flat and open as is cuts through an area known as the Hickory Flats.  After .01 (one hundredth) mile it enters a large natural tunnel in a laurel and rhododendron thicket.  Towards the end of the trail there are 2 (two) small side trails to the right where 2 (two) separate lookouts are located.  The trail includes some of the best mountain views on the property; it stops at the end of the tunnel.



Hiking Trail Burnsville NCPRAYER TRAIL .7 (seven tenths) mile, moderate

The trail head is located at the PrayerTower and is a small loop trail.  It climbs for a short distance above the PrayerTower to the logging road. Going left one comes to the lower half of the Yellow Trail; follows that to Poplar Place; from there follows the road connecting to the Prayer Tower Road and ends back at the PrayerTower.  Along the trail are several stops with scriptures and space for prayer and meditation.  Of special interest is a pool of water by the logging road and the Shepherd’s Rock some halfway down the Yellow Trail.

WATERFALL TRAIL .2 (two tenths) mile, moderate

Hiking Trail Burnsville NC
Trail head is located behind the Bathhouse in the Campground.  This is by far one of the most scenic and easy accessible trails on the property.  It gently climbs a valley in a cove of hardwood forest following a large creek.  As you get to the end of the trail there is a large double waterfall which is obviously very steep; climbing to the top is STRICTLY prohibited!  The valley to the falls is extremely fertile and home to numerous plant species; wildflowers abound in early spring.




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